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Welcome to H2Ochip!

Hello! My name is Daniel and I am a UK Based Web Developer with expertise in PHP, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap SASS, Jquery and Javascript. Website design, SEO and Brand Placement are key aspects of my focus, which includes Social Platform Brand Placement, Google Analytics, Photography and Colour Psychology.

If you wish to have a website designed for your business or for your personal portfolio, there are several templates to choose from just click the Design Templates button in the title bar. Alternatively, you can contact me by filling in the contact form in any one of the design templates.

You can also contact me at ( h2o at h2ochip.com ).

H2ochip is designed using Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP, Jquery and is mobile friendly which is also referred to as 'responsive'.

I also write applications for Windows 7/10 which can be viewed on the Downloads Page and have created a Game Room which you are welcome to try out! I also write in Python and CMD and am also building games in Unity using C#.

I also provide links to OPT-OUT of advertising from Google and Network Advertising as these are automatically OPT-IN. You can find those links below.

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