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Balloon Rescue

Coming Soon!

Balloon Rescue will be an Android Game. In the game, you attempt to save the survivors from a burning building, while keeping afloat by collecting fuel balloons. You can also collect extra lives while you make your way through the treacherous buildings. Along the way you will need to work out how to get to the survivors and finally make your way back to the exit, while avoiding flaming pits and fireballs along the way!

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Four in Row

Four in a row is a game played by two local players. To win you need to get four of your pieces in a diagonal, vertical or horizontal direction.

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Fish is a very addictive pastime. Although not technically a game this genetic algorithm has some very addictive qualities. The fish gradually learn how to get to the purple target at the centre. Setup size and position of the the blocks before you start, then press the Start button to watch them learn. Inspired by 'Rockets by Daniel Shiffman - The Coding Train' who can be found on Youtube. I have added sliders and stats, for us nerds that 'Have to know'.

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